Name a star as an original condolence gift

original condolence gift

What do you give someone who is struggling with the loss of their parents? Days like Mother and Father’s Day may feel difficult to deal with. During these times, the loss of a parent can be confrontational. Name a star to keep treasured memories alive. Or name a star as a gift to your parent or stepparent, to commemorate past times with their own parents.

Original condolence gift

Naming a star as an original condolence gift is a special way to commemorate the life of a loved one. When the father of someone you care about is no longer among us on Father’s Day, look up to find his star in the night sky. Help the people around you find comfort in the memory of his or her parents by naming a star after them.

Personalize the star by choosing a star name, star date and constellation that have special meaning for the recipient or the parent who has passed. Usually the name and birthdate of the departed parent are used to create the star registration. You may also choose to use the date of passing or any other date that holds a special meaning.

Choose the OSR Memorial Gift Pack and the recipient will obtain a memorial certificate with the details of the star, wrapped in special theme paper. The recipient also receives a personal letter, a star chart and information sheet with a glow-in-the-dark star sticker. The gift pack also includes a text card to write a personal message on.

With our free OSR Star Finder app you can easily locate the named star and visualize that star at any moment. Use our One Million Stars browser app to view the star in 3D. This way you can look to see the parent as a star in the sky.

Memorial gift

When someone close to you loses a parent, doesn’t mean the departed do not still play a significant role in their lives. With a personal star in the sky, their parent will always shine from above as a memory of beautiful times that have been.

Not only is the star registered in the Online Star Register forever, the star can always be located in the sky with our free apps. If you choose the OSR Gift Pack, the recipient will receive a luxuriously wrapped gift with documents as proof of the star registration. This includes the OSR star certificate. The beautiful star certificate consists of luxury paper with gold foil accents for a glowing effect. The certificate displays very well in a golden photo frame. Remember beautiful times together by lighting a candle in memory of Mother or Father’s Day. This way you will be able to create tangible memories of a lost parent to the person you care deeply about.


original condolence gift

“Our happy memories of time spent together, will live on forever in the night sky.”

Name a star as an original condolence gift