Cherish your special moment with the Super Star Poster

Super Star Poster

With every Super Star Gift comes the Super Star Poster. This stunning A3 poster is a representation of your star and its cosmic surroundings. Frame your poster and hang it on the wall to enjoy it any time of the day. In this blog we’ve collected everything you need to know about the Super Star Poster.

What is the Super Star Poster?

The Super Star Poster lets you see where your star is located in the universe. This A3 poster shows a horizontal view of the night sky and its 88 constellations. Depending on the star color you have chosen, a stunning foil in an orange, purple or blue design will tell you how the stars align. The colorful constellations make it the perfect accessory to add sparkle to your room. The poster is printed on high quality paper and designed to last generations. Cherish your special moment for many years to come.

Where can I find the Super Star Poster?

With every Super Star Gift comes the Super Star Poster, together with the OSR Gift Pack, Starglobe, OSR Telescope and VR Glasses inside a dazzling blue gift box. You’ll find this stunning A3 size poster neatly tucked away at the bottom of your Super Star Gift. The poster is rolled and held together by a glossy gold band. In the image below you’ll see the Super Star Gift with the Super Star Poster highlighted.

Super Star Poster

Your online Super Star Poster

Did you know you can download the Super Star Poster in PDF format via your OSR customer account? Here you can print, download and share the poster as often as you want. If you’d like to print the poster, the trick is to use good quality A3 paper or take the downloaded file to a print shop. The A3 size print measures 29.7 x 42.0 cm or 11.69 x 16.53 inches. You can also send the Super Star Poster PDF to yourself or the recipient directly via email. Share your poster on social media and tag @onlinestarregister. Now the whole world can enjoy your star and your special moment.

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Display your sky poster!

Putting your Super Star Poster in a picture frame is a beautiful way to remind you of your own shining star. Hang the poster on the wall, or put it on a shelf. We recommend placing the sky poster away from direct sunlight, as colors may fade over time. A picture frame showcases best when placed in a decluttered area, as you want to draw attention to your unique star. Having your room decorated with your Super Star Poster, can really fill your home with everlasting memories.

The Super Star Poster is a stunning representation of your star and its cosmic surroundings. The A3 poster comes in OSR’s luxury Super Star Gift. Depending on the star color you have chosen, an orange, blue or purple design with matching glossy foil will tell you how the stars align. Display the night sky with your shining star and fill your heart with everlasting memories.

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