Opi maailmankaikkeudesta Lennä tähtiin VR -sovelluksella!

Fly me to the Stars

Kuvittele, että olet astronautti, joka tutkii maailmankaikkeutta ja lentää planeetalta planeetalle. Tutustu galaksimme taikuuteen ja opi planeetoista ja tähdistä kiehtovan tähdistöpelin avulla. Lennä tähtiin VR -sovellus tarjoaa upean virtuaalisen kokemuksen avaruudesta Online Star Register -tyyliin. Tässä blogissa viemme sinut matkalle koko sovelluskokemuksen läpi. Oletko valmis aloittamaan avaruusmatkasi?

Online Star Registerin uusi virtuaalitodellisuussovellus on täydellinen tapa oppia galaksistamme, sen planeetoista ja tähtikuvioista. Pelaa tähdistöpeliä nähdäksesi, miltä 88 tähtikuvioamme näyttävät. Avaa planeettoja ja suorita 20 kultaista tähtikuviota saadaksesi palkinnon. Ilmainen ladattava sovelluksemme on hauska ja opettavainen kaiken ikäisille!

Tutustu galaksiin virtuaalitodellisuudessa

Hauskuus VR-tilassa alkaa heti! Kun laitat VR-kuulokkeet päähän, nouset avaruuteen ja löydät maailmankaikkeuden. Aloita avaruustutkimus valitsemalla ”Aloita VR.matka” -kuvake sovellusvalikosta ja seuraa ohjeita. Nyt olet valmis matkustamaan tähtiin. Opetusohjelma näyttää, kuinka voit navigoida VR-kokemuksessa, lentää omaan tähtiisi ja jakaa taivaasi.

⭐ Tip: you need a VR headset to use our VR app. Don’t you have any yet? Our superstar gift includes a unique VR cardboard with a great design.

In VR mode, you can explore the galaxy just by looking in the direction you want. Take a closer look at our planets, constellations and stars. Play a constellation game or visit your personal star and explore its surface. Create your own canvas for the sky by finishing star patterns and adding memories to your stars. Is your heaven customized? Share it with friends and family!

Play a constellation game to learn about our universe

The 88 constellations in our night sky are formed by the connection of certain stars, each of which has its own unique shape. By playing the constellation game, you will learn about the shapes of the constellations and reveal more of their details.

Start your first mission by flying to the moon and landing on its surface. This is where your journey to reach the 20 golden constellations begins. These golden constellations consist of 12 zodiac signs and 8 of the most famous constellations, such as the Big Dipper and the Little Bear. Play the constellation game to learn about the stars that make up the 20 most famous constellations in the universe. By connecting stars, you can complete constellations and unlock planets to explore. As in the ”connect the dots” game, you can draw a line from one star to another. You will learn to create real patterns in the constellation and complete its authentic design.

The goal of the constellation game is to explore our planets and collect lines to complete the constellations and continue your mission. Once all the planet lines are collected, return to the moon to continue completing the constellations. After drawing 20 golden constellations in the night sky, you will receive a magical reward. Once you complete all 20 golden constellations, 68 of the 88 galaxies are playable. Each constellation you fill in is displayed in the 2D menu ”My Galaxy”. Click on the constellation for more information. Or use the 2D menu to help you on your quest to complete the next constellation.

The constellation game will keep you busy for hours, flying through the universe to every planet and constellation, learning where they are located and what they look like. You can locate each target from the sky and fly there to continue your mission. Keep exploring to complete the game!

Travel to your own personal star

In the Fly to the Stars VR application, you can look at your own personal star in virtual reality. If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to stand on the stars, now’s your chance to experience it! In VR mode, you can fly to your own star, explore its surface and surroundings. When you reach your star, select it to see its details. A stunning stargazing visualization takes you up close and shows you the date, name and constellation of your star. Your unique star has a color of your choice. It is displayed as either bright blue, bright purple, or bright orange. Land on your star to view your star registration information and find out everything there is to know about your star!

Now you can customize your star even more. You can take screenshots of your star from different angles and distances in virtual reality mode. A unique feature is the ability to add a photo and message to your star in the ”My Stars” menu. After adding personal memories, you can share them with friends and loved ones. When you reach any of your saved stars in VR, your picture and message will appear as part of our star’s information. Now your personal star is part of the night sky!

If you don’t have your own star yet, the application guides you to name a star or continue with the example code. You can add your stars by entering your OSR registration code. If you have several, add them one at a time. You can view the details of each star in 2D and virtual reality.

Fly to the stars VR app

Online Star Register’s Fly to the Stars VR app lets you travel through the universe from a first-person perspective. It allows you to explore the surface of the planets and your own named stars. Play the constellation game to learn more about the 88 constellations that inhabit our sky, draw constellations and unlock planets by exploring the universe. Complete 20 golden constellations to get a reward.

The Fly to the Stars VR app is available for FREE on iOS and Android. All you have to do is download the app, grab your VR headset and start your journey to fly among the stars.

Fly to the stars with the VR application Online Star Register has made real information about the universe available to you. The VR experience makes you feel like you are in space surrounded by stars. The app’s interactive way of learning is excellent for children. The difficulty level becomes more and more challenging as you progress, making it a great game for adults too!

Download the Fly to the Stars VR app and start exploring space!

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