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The OSR Gift Card

With the OSR Gift Card, the recipient can name a star themselves and also pick a star date, a constellation, and a gift theme. You can receive the Gift Card by mail or download it instantly as a PDF. Read on to find out more about the OSR Gift Card.

  • Choose this gift if you’d like to leave the choice for a star name up to the recipient
  • You will receive a Gift Card, either online (PDF) or in your mailbox (via UPS)
  • With the OSR Gift Card, the recipient will be able to order their own OSR Gift Pack for free

Have you received the OSR Gift Card as a gift and would you like to order your free OSR Gift Pack? Name a star for FREE with your OSR Gift Card here!

About the OSR Gift Card

What if you would like to name a star after someone, but you’d like to leave the choice of the star name up to the recipient of the gift? This could very well happen, for example, if you’d like to surprise…

  • parents who are expecting a child
  • someone you don’t know too well
  • someone you feel would like to pick their own star name

That’s when the OSR Gift Card is perfect, because it offers just that! The slider below shows you how it works in detail:

Delivery: Instant (PDF) or with UPS

Which OSR Gift Card
For your convenience we offer two versions of the Gift Card:

  1. The Online Gift Card comes with free shipping. You can instantly download it (PDF) after your purchase.
  2. The OSR Gift Card is a physical gift card in luxury gift wrapping which is delivered via UPS (due to the value of the Gift Card) within 48 hours. The shipping costs depend on your location.

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What can you order with the Gift Card?

With the unique code on the OSR Gift Card, the recipient can order the OSR Gift Pack via for FREE. The recipient will be able to choose the name of the star him or herself and pick a star date, constellation, and gift theme. The slider below shows you the content of the OSR Gift Pack:

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OSR Gift Cards as a corporate gift

The OSR Gift Card is perfect for businesses! Simply choose the physical OSR Gift Card or our Online Gift Card. Then the recipient can register and name their own star and that way you don’t have to. The best part is each recipient will still receive the OSR Gift Pack at his or her own address.

  • It’s quick and easy (delivery within 48 hours with UPS)
  • No personalizing required
  • Perfect for many occasions like anniversaries, Christmas, end of the year celebrations or a celebration for reaching a goal

Many companies have opted for Online Star Register as a corporate gift. This gift is an excellent reminder of how much colleagues, employees, clients or other business associates are appreciated. They truly are the stars who make businesses shine. Order the OSR Gift Card now and give them the most original company gift in the universe!

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Tip: ordering Gift Cards in large quantities right away is also possible via our order form.