Name a star as an original Friendship gift

Original Friendship gift

Looking for a meaningful and original friendship gift? Show your dear friend how much you appreciate them by naming a star in the Online Star Register. The friendship between you and your best friend deserves to be immortalized among the stars. A magical gift that lasts forever, just like your friendship!

Years of friendship

Nowadays, the friendships people form are quite fleeting and don’t last very long. Due to the times we live in, everything is fast and digital. When you have a friendship that lasts longer than seven years, it seems like you have a bond and there is a good chance the friendship will last a lifetime. It is important to keep surprising each other during your friendship. Show how much you appreciate your best friend by giving an original friendship gift that will last forever!

Name a star

Are you looking for a meaningful and original friendship gift to give to your dear friend? Then naming a star is the perfect gift. You’re naming a real star, which can be located in the night sky. Choose both your names as the star name, Olivia & Evie for example. Your named star and special star date will shine in the sky for millions of years to come.

Original Friendship gift

Magical and original Friendship gift

After naming a star in the Online Star Register, you receive the OSR Friendship Gift Pack. This gift is fully personalized with your names and special date. The gift pack includes a star certificate, a rotating star chart and a dazzling text card with a personal message dedicated to your best friend. Want to surprise your dear friend at an unexpected moment? Now you can by naming a star! The OSR Gift Pack fits in every mailbox, so your friend doesn’t even have to be at home in order to receive the gift pack.

The OSR Starsaver

The OSR Gift Pack gives you access to the digital part of this magical gift, including the OSR Starsaver. With the OSR Starsaver you can view your shining star as background on your smartphone or computer. Download the Starsaver via your OSR Customer account and apply it as your wallpaper. Now you will always have your special star close by.

Name a star as a meaningful and original Friendship Gift. Download the OSR Starsaver and install your star as background on your phone or computer. This way you will be reminded of your special friendship at any time of the day. Surprise your dear friend now with the most original gift in the universe!

Name a star as an original Friendship gift!