Name a star as a unique Graduation gift

unique graduation gift

Graduation is a big milestone! Are you looking for a unique Graduation gift? Whether you’re looking for a high school graduation gift, a gift for your loved one who earned a certificate or diploma, or anyone you think deserves words of recognition, we’ve got you! Name a star in the Online Star Register, the perfect graduation gift that is suitable for everyone!

Celebrate a graduation

Graduation is a magical moment. It’s wonderful to watch your loved one achieve what they worked so hard for. Maybe your loved one just got their driver’s license, their college diploma or a well deserved certificate. Show how proud you are of their hard work, accomplishments and resilience by adding a sparkling touch to their milestone celebration. Celebrate this festive occasion with a unique graduation gift!

Unique Graduation gift

Your loved one deserves a personal gift to celebrate their graduation. Give a thoughtful gift that reminds them of this cherished moment. Instead of a basic high school graduation gift or an outdated driver’s license gift, honor this magical milestone with a very original and thoughtful present. If you’re looking for a unique graduation gift, it really doesn’t get any better than a registered star in the Online Star Register. Honor the graduate with a personalized star in the night sky!

graduation gift

Name a star

There is no better way to celebrate a special milestone than with a named star in the night sky. Registering a star is perfect as a high school graduation gift, certificate gift, driver’s license gift or another job well done gift! You can completely personalize the star gift by choosing a star name, star date and adding a well-done message. Choose the date of the graduation ceremony as the star date and write a special message to congratulate them. Never let them forget that the future belongs to those who believe in their dreams. Your loved one will be super surprised with this dazzling gift!

OSR Star Finder app

The Online Star Register offers a free mobile app to locate the Graduation Star and its constellation in the night sky. The OSR Star Finder app makes this special milestone even more complete. View stars and constellations in augmented reality and share your star with family and friends. Download the app via the AppStore or PlayStore to enjoy the sparkling star at any time of the day!

Make eyes twinkle with a unique Graduation gift! Show how proud you are of their hard work by naming a star in the night sky! Locate the star with the free OSR Star Finder app and enjoy your star for many years to come. The most perfect gift for your special someone.

Name a star as a Graduation Gift!