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The number one gift explained in seconds

The Online Star Register allows you to register your own shining star in the sky as a unique, everlasting gift for your friends and loved ones. Personalize your star by choosing a constellation, star name, and star date. Registering a personalized star is a great way to shine a light in the lives of those who need it most. Name a star now and within minutes:

  • You can look up the star in the Online Star Register
  • You can find your star with our Star Finder App
  • We will create a Star Page you can customize
  • We will send you a personalized, theme-based gift pack
  • Feel good knowing you’ve given the most original gift in the universe
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OSR Gift Card - General

OSR Gift Card: What will you receive?

This new service from OSR allows you to order a gift card, which the recipient can use to name their own star. You can receive the gift card by mail or download it instantly as a PDF. The OSR Gift Card includes:

The OSR Gift Card is valid for an unlimited period of time and entitles the recipient to:


Write It In The Stars

The best get well soon gift

Evan wrote:

We were looking on the internet for a get well soon gift that really captures the essence of what we wanted to bring across. That even in times that are most difficult, there’s still hope and LIGHT on the horizon. The recipient loved the star gift and all its aspects. Thank you OSR for providing this wonderful service.

Name a star now!

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Write It In The Stars

Forever in the heart

Luca wrote:

I would like to review the OSR website, which offers the possibility of making a simple gift and above all a priceless star, it is not a simple subject but something that remains forever in the heart of the recipient and the site is splendid and provides the opportunity to obtain a certificate with the name of the person to whom we give the star.

Name a star now!

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Write It In The Stars

Unforgettable and unique

Feyza wrote:

I was searching for a creative gift for a very important friend of mine and I wanted that gift to be unforgettable and unique. Then I found this website, OSR! I named a star for her and I’m really grateful for this opportunity that you have given. It was even a better gift than what I was imagining. Also the certificates were sent through e-mail before the pack arrived, and there is an application named ‘star finder’ where I can follow the star. So it is perfect in every way, I recommend it to anyone who wants to make an unforgettable, irreplaceable memory.

Name a star now!

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One Million Stars: Name a star for someone special and see it in 3D immediately after ordering your gift!

The Online Star Register Blog

One Million Stars: Explore Our Galactic Neighborhood

Discover the universe from the comfort of your own home with the One Million Stars App. It’s a revolutionary way to travel the stars from your web browser. The One Million Stars App allows you to view one million stars, including stars named by astronomers, as well as personalized stars named in the Online Star Register (OSR). Fly through the universe and experience the stars and the galaxy in 3D!

OSR Star Page

Personalize your Star Gift with the FREE Star Page

The Online Star Register offers a FREE Star Page with the purchase of any star gift. Create a personalized experience that a friend, family member, or coworker will never forget by naming a star and creating a customized star page with the Online Star Register (OSR). Write a welcome message, upload photos, and much more.

OSR Constellation Factsheet

Enlighten yourself with the FREE OSR Constellation Factsheet

The Online Star Register offers a FREE constellation factsheet with the purchase of the OSR Gift Pack and Online Star Gift. This sheet is available for download and has all the information you need to know about the constellation your star is named in. Impress the recipient with your extensive knowledge about their chosen constellation!

Spread happiness and light with a “Get well soon Star”

If you’re looking for a truly original get well soon gift for someone you hold dear, then naming a star in the Online Star Register is just right for you. Bring a smile to their face with this unique Get Well Soon Star. As J.K.Rowling wrote: “Happiness can be found, even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light.”

You’re naming a real star, which can not only be located in the night sky, but it can also be found within the breathtaking One Million Stars project and with the OSR Star Finder App. You can completely personalize your gift, and you can even invite friends and family to sign the guestbook on the special Star Page. In addition, the recipient will also receive a completely personalized gift pack.

Name a “Get well soon Star” now to spread happiness and light for someone you hold dear. Your named star will shine in the sky for millions of years to come, ensuring that your gift lasts forever.

View your star with the OSR Star Finder App!

Search, locate, and gaze at your own star with the OSR Star Finder App. You can download the app for FREE in the AppStore or the Play Store!

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