Great tips for writing a birth card

16 Nov 2020

Great tips for writing a birth card

Do you need tips for writing a card with birth congratulations? Search no further! Check out our blog with the best ideas for the most dazzling birthday announcements.

Original birth congratulations

Writing a birth card can be difficult at times. On the one side, you want to give the parents a nice wish, but the inspiration is sometimes lacking. Do you ever suffer from this? Then this blog is for you! Here we give you tips on how to write the most beautiful birth cards. Here we cover several ways you can come up with an original way to say “Congratulations!”.

Birth quotes

Do you want to write a short but powerful message on the card? Then go for one of the following birth quotes.

  • As if it’s written in the sky,
    the universe has given you your own star.
  • A beautiful daughter / son, so special and sacred,
    Congratulations on this little miracle.
  • A new life and a new beginning.
    A wonderful addition to your family!
  • So much luck in such a small human
  • Welcome to the world little [name]
  • Good luck with your little boy / little girl!

Inspiration from song lyrics

A great way to get inspiration for writing the most beautiful birth cards is to look at song lyrics. You can use the most beautiful and most suitable sentences for your card. To make you enthusiastic, we have listed a number of examples.

  • Look at the stars, Look how they shine for you, and everything you do. – Coldplay – Yellow
  • From the day you arrive on the planet, and blinking, step into the sun.
    There is more to see, then will ever be seen, more to do, then will ever be done – Elton John- Circle of Life
  • I see babies crying, I watch them grow. They’ll learn so much more than I’ll ever know. Then I think to myself what a wonderful world – Louis Armstrong – What a Wonderful World
  • You are my sunshine, my only sunshine. You make me happy when skies are gray. You’ll never know dear, how much I love you. Please don’t take my sunshine away –  Johnny Cash – You Are My Sunshine
  • A ray of hope flickers in the sky. A tiny star lights up way up high. All across the land, dawns a brand new morn. This comes to pass when a child is born – Johnny Mathis – When a Child is Born

Share memories

If you have known the parents for a longer period of time, it is nice to retrieve a memory. Did you grow up together and have you been through everything together? Then nothing is more fun than adding a personal touch to your birth congratulations.

  • Remember when we used to play in the sandbox together? Now our children can discover the world together. Just as we did. Good luck with your beautiful miracle!
  • Now the evenings that used to be finished with a bottle of beer,
    Will be finished on the couch with a bottle of milk. Enjoy!
  • A fairytale … a dream … a blessing …
    [name] crossed your paths.
    A smile … wonder … pure happiness …
    the most beautiful matching puzzle piece, found at last!
  • The two of you were together for a long time.
    Now there’s three of you!
    We wish you a lot of fun and good luck.
  • Look at how your love got hands and feet
    Such a beautiful child, such a magical being.
    Cherish the times, cherish the moments.

Wishes for the parents or baby

Instead of just congratulating the parents on the birth of their child, you could also give the parents or baby a nice wish. For this we have collected a number of nice wishes for you.

  • He / she is a beautiful part of the world,
    And a very special person,
    I wish you a lot of good luck and love.
  • I pause for a moment each day
    because I want to wish you with all my heart,
    the very best today.
  • Long expected and come so soon,
    a small child lies bundled up like a cocoon.
    So fragile and vulnerable, so magical and sweet.
    Enjoy the time of being bundled up together in the sheets.
  • The journey has ended but also just begun
    Such a small child who now calls you mom.
    Like looking in the mirror, you will probably recognize a lot
    Enjoy being together for it is the gift that God has brought
  • Your baby was born, your wish has been fulfilled,
    the future is open and nicely built.
    Your mother’s dream has come true,
    and when you learn to fly, that dream can come for you too!
  • Two little hands grab the world,
    even though that world is still so small.
    Hope that whatever those little hands will grab,
    he/she will stand tall.

Great tips for writing a birth card


If you want to write an original text for a birth announcement in a simple way, choose a poem. There are many poems about birth on the internet. To make it easy for you, we have listed the best ones for you.

  • An angel from Heaven, who’d been waiting for birth,
    is excited to be joining your family on Earth.
  • Today it happened,
    it’s finally done,
    the birth of my boy.
    the little man, my son.
  • Who would have thought, to my surprise
    The day I looked into my daughter’s eyes.
    That I would find my sunshine, my star, my pearl,
    all the thought in my head: of this little girl.
  • Ten little fingers
    Ten little toes
    Two little eyes
    and a cute button nose
    Dear sweet [name]
    It’s so true
    Your parents must be in love with you
  • There’s nothing quite so sweet
    as tiny little baby feet.
  • Welcome to our world. little baby,
    how brave of you to come.
    We are here to welcome you
    as your journey has just begun.

Congratulations from brothers and sisters

Older brothers and sisters often look forward to the birth of the new baby. They may also want to write a note for the new addition to the family. The following examples can help you create a beautiful message from a sibling’s perspective.

  • Hurray, it’s a party
    for the stork has come by.
    And do you know what he brought?
    A sister / brother, just like I thought!
  • Mommy has a baby in her stomach, Daddy said.
    He had not explained how it got there,
    It took so long,
    But now I can finally tell that my brother / sister was born
  • We’ve seen mama’s belly grow
    we have sung for you and have felt your kicks.
    We’ve even heard your heart beat faster,
    That was a neat little trick.
    And here you are, sweet and small,
    how happy we are to be part of it all!
  • If you are sad, I will comfort you.
    If they bully you, I’ll fight for you.
    But now I am happy, just to be with you.
  • Eyes like stars, a person so small,
    how proud I am to be your big brother / sister,
    even though I am also still small.

  • A brother or sister what difference does it make?
    You bet you’re welcome, as welcome as cake.

Congratulations from grandpa and grandma

As a grandfather and grandmother you naturally want to write a special message on a card. The experience you have gained in raising your own children is a great source of inspiration to draw from. The following examples give you an idea of ​​how you can share your experience with your (grand) child.

  • A beautiful grandchild, also for us,
    Greetings from grandpa and grandma who also love you so much.
    We are very happy and find it special to have such a sweet boy / girl
    Welcome to the family, where you belong here with us.
  • A beautiful moment surpasses all our dreams,
    because today you came into being.
    Our grandson / daughter, so soft, so delicate and small,
    who would have thought that you could be so magical.
  • A little boy / girl so delicate and free.
    A beautiful grandson / granddaughter,
    we are proud to see.
  • The birth of our grandchild is so special,
    We look proudly at this miracle.
    Innocent, beautiful and dear,
    [… name ..] is our little sweetheart.

Tips & tricks for writing a birth card

In this blog the best tips and examples for writing a birth card have been presented. The best advice we can give you is to let your heart speak. Use the examples mainly as inspiration to write down the most special message for you. Make your birth congratulations extra magical by giving your own memories, experiences and wishes to the new parents.

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