Personal Gift? Name a Star!

Looking for the ultimate personal gift? Name a Star! The most personal gift for 2015!

  • Name a star in the Online Star Register
  • Receive a fully personalised gift
  • View the star with Google Sky on a unique star page
  • Special autumn discount $79 $54!
  • Same day shipping
  • FREE postage & handling

NEW: the free OSR Star Finder App

Search, find and gaze at your own star!

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Are you in a hurry or would you like to name a star and buy without the costs of the gift pack? Buy the Online Star Gift for just $33. Included with your star registration is a personalised eCertificate, the OSR Star Finder App, access to OSR Universe and also an unique Star Page. Order now!

What is online star register?

A gift that is out of this world

Think out of the box and name a star in the Online Star Register within just a few clicks…

Choose a name for your star and get registered in the Online Star Register. We’ll send you an elegant, theme based, personalized gift pack today.

The gift pack contains a detailed map and the exact coordinates of the star, so the recipient can find the star in the sky or online using Google Sky. That’s Online Star Register.

  • Ordering is secured and easy, shipping is free
  • Order now and we’ll send you the gift pack today
  • Limited offer: receive a free unique Star Page

Limited Offer: Receive a Free Star Page

New and free for a limited time: in addition to the gift pack you’ll also receive a star page that makes this gift even more personal, unique and valuable. How does it work?

  • Name a star for the recipient(s) so it is included in the Online Star Register.
  • Log in to the star page to personalize it with photos and video.
  • Invite friends and family to write a personal message.
  • The gift pack includes a link to your unique star page.
  • On the star page, the star can be viewed with Google Sky.

View the star online with Google Sky

Customer Reviews

I haven’t regretted it

by M. Grabowski

Yes, I finally managed to find a personal gift for my partner. It took quite a lot of searching but then I accidentally found this website. Having read some of the testimonials I ordered a star, and I certainly haven’t regretted it!

There is no better recognition

by Greg Snyder

When I left the company my employer gave me a star as a retirement gift. What a fantastic and personal gift! He totally surprised me with this gift pack when we were having farewell drinks. All my colleagues wrote a personal message on the card and the certificate said: ‘Greg, our very own star’. I could not have asked for anything better to recognize my service to the company.

Thank you so much!

by Kerry

Hello OSR and your wonderful team! I have shopped at your website before and when I was searching for a personalized gift for boyfriend, I knew your star coordinates was a perfect gift for our anniversary. My boyfriend was more than happy to receive this personal gift and thinks I spent a fortune on it. Thanks once again OSR!

Great personalized gift idea!

by Susan Buick

Thank you OSR! I was looking to give my husband something different on his birthday this year. Just browsing through the usual gift websites, I came across your OSR gift idea. My personal gift to him was delivered on time and let me tell you it was exactly what I asked for. Steve was thrilled with my personalized gift idea and cant stop talking about it to all his friends! Absolutely amazing!

My wonderful personalized gift

by Harry

I have received my personalized gift that I ordered 2 days before, for my wife Catherine and all I can say is wonderful, absolutely wonderful! She thinks my personal gift idea was gorgeous. Thanks a bunch and I would definitely recommend your site to all my friends and family!

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