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Are you in a hurry or would you like to name a star and buy without the costs of the gift pack? Buy the Online Star Gift for just $33. Included with your star registration is a personalised eCertificate, the OSR Star Finder App, access to OSR Universe and also an unique Star Page. Order now!

What is online star register?

A gift that is out of this world

Think out of the box and name a star in the Online Star Register within just a few clicks…

Choose a name for your star and get registered in the Online Star Register. We’ll send you an elegant, theme based, personalized gift pack today.

The gift pack contains a detailed map and the exact coordinates of the star, so the recipient can find the star in the sky or online using Google Sky. That’s Online Star Register.

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Limited Offer: Receive a Free Star Page

New and free for a limited time: in addition to the gift pack you’ll also receive a star page that makes this gift even more personal, unique and valuable. How does it work?

  • Name a star for the recipient(s) so it is included in the Online Star Register.
  • Log in to the star page to personalize it with photos and video.
  • Invite friends and family to write a personal message.
  • The gift pack includes a link to your unique star page.
  • On the star page, the star can be viewed with Google Sky.

View the star online with Google Sky

Customer Reviews

Thank You, OSR!

by Sarah

Thank you for making my Grandma’s 80th birthday super special! The whole family had come down to Bismarck to celebrate the occasion, but for the life of us we couldn’t figure out what to get her for such an important landmark! Luckily, one of my cousins knew about the online star register and suggested that we should buy a star and name it Iris after our grandmother. Suffice it to say, she was so touched and thrilled with the gift. Now the star takes pride of place on her mantle piece along with all the other family photographs. Again, thank you for giving us the opportunity to buy a star and make such a wonderful person and grandparent so happy!

Starry Starry Night,,,

by Estelle

I was looking for a unique way to propose to my girlfriend when I heard about the online star register where you can buy a star. I took my girlfriend for a romantic candle lit dinner and then on the way home suggested we take our coffee and aperitifs up to the roof of our apartment building. Once we got there I proposed to her and gave her a ring with an empty setting. She looked kind of puzzled and asked me “where’s the diamond?” That’s when I told her that I wanted to get her a diamond as beautiful as the star I’ve named after her and gave her the certificate from Online Register with her very own star. She was moved to tears. Next day we went out and picked a diamond that is as brilliant as the star I gave her. Thank you for making my engagement the most memorable moment possible.

Buy a Star - What a Great Idea

by Andy

Hi online star register. Just a quick thank you for your great service. I’ve used the Name a Star gift on several occasions and have always been happy with the services you provide. Every little detail has been taken care of and the shipping has always been prompt. My friends and family who have received this gift have been very touched by the gesture and have loved the beautiful packaging and personalized message. Naming a star after a loved one is a very special and unique way to express your feelings. One of my friends told me that she looks forward to the day she can show her kids and grandkids the star that is named after her. Name a Star is truly a gift that will last for generations to come.

Thanks a bunch!

by Maddy Cooper

I cannot think of a nicer way to express your love for someone than by buying a star at your unique website. My friend suggested that I should buy a star name for my two gorgeous 2 year-old twins. I really think this is the best gift that you can give. Very special! Best Regards from my husband and me to your entire OSR team.


by Jane

To buy a star after your wonderful mom and dad, what can be more precious! Dear OSR, recently I bought a star name after my amazing parents for being the best parents a girl could ask for. Let me tell you they were absolutely thrilled by my surprise gift to them and constantly telling me this! Thank you for making such a unique and wonderful gift possible!

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