Memorial Gift? Name a Star

Looking for a memorial gift? Name a Star. A sympathetic way to commemorate the life of a loved one.

  • Register a star in the Online Star Register
  • Receive a fully personalised gift
  • View the star with Google Sky on a unique star page
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  • Same day shipping
  • FREE postage & handling

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Are you in a hurry or would you like to name a star and buy without the costs of the gift pack? Buy the Online Star Gift for just $33. Included with your star registration is a personalised eCertificate, the OSR Star Finder App, access to OSR Universe and also an unique Star Page. Order now!

What is online star register?

Gift that is out of this world

Memorialize your loved one with a gift that will light up the whole world into eternity…

Choose a name for your memorial star and get registered in the Online Star Register. We’ll send you an elegant, personalized memorial gift pack today.

The gift pack contains a detailed map and the exact coordinates of the star, so the recipient can find the star in the sky or online using Google Sky. That’s Online Star Register.

  • A memorial gift that’s out of this world
  • Ordering is secured and easy, shipping is free
  • Order now and we’ll send you the gift pack today

Limited Offer: Receive a Free Star Page

New and free for a limited time: in addition to the gift pack you’ll also receive a unique star page that makes this memorial gift even more personal and more valuable. How does it work?

  • Name a star for the recipient(s) so it is included in the Online Star Register.
  • Log in to the star page to personalize it with photos and video.
  • Invite friends and family to write a personal message.
  • The gift pack includes a link to your unique star page.
  • On the star page, the star can be viewed with Google Sky.

View the star online with Google Sky

Customer Reviews

Very special

by Henry

Name a star as a memento for a departed loved one. I did this recently and I would like to thank OSR for the prompt delivery and the suitably restrained composition of the gift pack.

A star as a memento

by Astrid

A memorial or reminder of the death of a loved one is worth a lot. When my brother died, I registered a star as a memorial to his death. The name of my brother is now linked to a star. He is with me forever and that thought comforts me.

Thank you!

by Rachel Brooks

Thank you so much for the beautiful commemorative gift for my loved one. I wanted to keep his memory alive always in the hearts of those who loved him. OSR provided me a way to tell how much he means to me and will always do. Thank you once again.

Very touched

by Marc David

Just wanted to say my best regards to the OSR and its nice team! When my brother named a star through your website for my beloved wife on her death anniversary, I was very touched and lost for words. This special memorial gift will remain forever in the sky and in all our hearts. Thank you once again for this unique memorial gift.

Special memorial gift

by Brenda

When my friend’s son’s soul departed to heaven, I wanted to convey my hand of support in the distressing times. Your special commemoration gift makes a perfect gift for someone who is grieving the loss of a loved one. A very special memory.

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